Manel Rodrigues

Sonntag 6. Oktober 2019

Radical Freedom – Back bends

10-12:30 Uhr

Back bends are a powerful tool to find freedom. When awakening the parts of the body that create more strength and stability, backbends can radically expand our boundaries in a way that feels good and empowering to one self.


14-16:30 Uhr

Inversions can be a lot more than just getting upside down. There are so many subtleties that can make inversions feel like paradise. This workshop will consist of a clear approach to inversions, with options variations and a playful attitude from the easiest inversions to the most challenging. Everyone is welcome.


Workshops einzeln: 40.- reg. /35.-erm.*

Beide Workshops: 70.- reg./60.- erm.*

*Schüler, Studierende, RentnerInnen, Arbeitslose

Über Manel:

Native of Portugal, Manuel grew up near the ocean with a deep love of surfing and being in the flow of life. At 18 he moved to San Diego, CA where he initiated his training in both- Yoga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with fierce dedication. Manuel lives life with full expression, intensity, and commitment to Self and others. Through the teachings of yoga and material arts, Manuel shares his love for life and helps people embrace their authenticity. He teaches with clarity, grounded inspiration and intelligent sequencing that opens the creative flow.